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We are also suppling different types of Minerals. Some of them are as follows:

Calcite Powder
We can supply Calcite Powder/Calcite Mineral of purity ranging from 88% to 99% CaCO3, to cater to the demand and specifications of our valued customers. We can provide Calcite powder up to 12 microns.

Bantonite, also known as "Bleaching Clay" due to its high swelling property, available with us is one of the best Quality in the world. Our product finds vast uses in following areas :
- As a grouting material, having very low permeability of water.
- Used in drilling mud's.
- As a decolorize.
- As a foundry sands.
- As a carrier in insecticides, paints and pharmaceutical industries.
- As a bleaching agent of vegetable oils and petroleum.

China Clay Powder
China clay powder has a wide variety of uses in detergent, paint, paper and cosmetic industry. We supply high Al2O3 content china clay powder with good brightness and smoothness, making it suitable for paint, paper, soap and other industries.

High Quality China Clay Powder
Dolomite powder is the limestone powder with composition of CaCO3 and MgCO3 pertaining to 100% in combination, the proportion being varied as per mining zone. Dolomite is also being used as fillers by detergents, steel, paints and ceramics. We can process dolomite up to 10 microns

CONSUMING INDUSTRIES -: Feldspar is used in following industries:
Ceramics, Glass, Refractory, Abrasives, Electrodes etc.

Potash Feldspar
Soda Feldspar
Quartz is used in Glass and Ceramic industries.

Talc, Steatite and Soapstone are terms used in the trade for the same material. The chemical name for talc is Magnesium Silicate. In the ground form, steatite has a large variety of industrial applications.
The value of industrial talc lies in its extreme softness, smoothness, slip and lubricating properties, high luster and sheen, chemical inertness, high fusion point, low conductivity to heat and electricity, and hiding power as a pigment extender.